About Us

Welcome to Blue Angel!

Providing service for over 20 years with the best variety of industrial supplies that will meet your expectations. Blue Angel has come a long way. Our goal is to supply you with high quality products that has value for money, making sure that every penny will not go to waste.  The interest of our customers is always our top priority.


We aim to help you achieve your goals by providing you with:

  • Top Brands, Quality Products

  We offer a variety of products that can help you get through the day, plus hard-to-find        ones too!

  • Competitive Pricing

  We offer great deals and savings, plus special offers exclusively for you!

  • Friendly Service

  Our friendly customer service and supports will always be there to help and to care.

  • Solution to Problems

  Your satisfaction is what we're yearning for. Feel free to call us and we'll make it right!

We aim to make your experience with us easier and convenient by:

  • Providing what you need with swift and user friendly online ordering.

  • Supporting what you need for business, whether it's for manufacturing, contracting, healthcare, office needs, technology, food & hospitality.

  • Providing  you with better pricing and more savings that will help you make you achieve your best purchasing experience.

  • Providing friendly customer service from real people over the phone that cares and efficiently provides service.

  • Offering a one-stop shop with everything you need to make you achieve your goals faster.

Our Story

Blue Angel has been operating for 20 years. Starting from the rustic landscapes of Berkeley, California and spreading towards the heart of San Francisco the Bay Area, California. We now have more sites that take care of your orders from our warehouses to our physical stores and our website.

Our People

We're not just a typical company. We're people whose working together. Win or lose, we grow together. We enrich as we learn many things along our journey. We believe that Communication is our key to achieve success in providing excellent service as well as keeping the spirit of teamwork alive.

Our Principles

  • Win - Win Together

    We believe that once our company wins, we all win. We treat our company as the Queen bee of the beehive and our goal as bees, is to empower our Queen and enrich our beehive by cultivating and enhancing the growth of the flowers that provide us with nourishment to achieve our goals. Our customers are like the flowers in the flower field that help bees live, You help us live and in return we will be more than happy to offer you the best service that will help you grow and spread your business. 

  • Take on the Challenge

    We take the risk to find a better way in passing the roadblocks that's on our path to success.

  • Transparency is the key

    We are open, honest, and truthful. Not just within our team, but to our valued customers that deserve the right service.

  • Priority

    Our customers are our number one priority.

Making a positive experience for our customers is important to us.We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you. Thank you so much for trusting us.


Blue Angel ®